Technology that Disappeared in 2010

Although it does not seem that time has passed, we came to the end of 2010s. These days we’re going into the 2020s in a few hours. Important technological developments in our lives in 2010
Let’s put it together. Almost everyone’s technological tools such as DVD, plasma tv and mp3 players used in 2010, suddenly emerged from our lives. That list!

The world of technology The millennium continues to evolve and change in an untraceable way since we entered. Contrary to the 90s, a widely used technological device can suddenly come out of our lives or someone else can instantly become one of the most used. Especially with the spread of smart phones and the increase in internet speeds, products that will not come to mind are among the invariants of our lives.


Malicious software ”or“ malware, bilinen known as dangerous and system-oriented software, is known around the world as “malware” name. This name, “malicious” (malicious) and “software” has come together by the words.

History of Pests

While the first of the malware that has as much history as the computer’s history is not yet known, the first malicious examples include the Brain and Morris worm. Brain was developed by two Pakistani brothers in 1986, causing computers to slow down and fail. The Morris worm came out in 1988 and was one of the first computer worms. These softwares were also added to the offenses law for the first time under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Law.